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Francis wrote from ‘Guruprasad’ 24/5/60 in a general letter to Baba lovers in Australia: ‘… The other day Baba called me in privately to give me a point on a particular piece of work I am doing. His requirement was simple, yet it seemed impossible to execute. Just previously He had reprimanded me over something, […]

Francis wrote from ‘Guruprasad’ 24/5/60 in a general letter to Baba lovers in Australia: ‘I think the highest praise that Baba gave Stay With God was “It will appeal to the highest intellects & to those with simple hearts.” For my part I can assure you that in the writing of its best passages, my […]

When I arrived home in Australia after being with Avatar Meher Baba for five days in May 1965 I became reclusive and generally a little melancholic for my Beloved’s contact and tended to shut myself off from all social contact. After about a month I felt I should write to Francis in India and thank […]

‘Meherazad’ Feb 20/65 Dear Peter Altho’ beloved Baba is in seclusion He was pleased to have your Greetings read to Him. He will permit you to see Him at 8a.m. on May 1st at the Poona Centre. The best plan will be for you to arrive in Poona the day before, or 2 days before […]

This cabin, still basically unchanged since Francis Brabazon’s day, is available to stay in for visitors to Avatar’s Abode. Set on a small wooded knoll near the entrance to the property it retains its quiet and secluded bushland setting. On the veranda the plank supported by kerosene drums where Francis used to enjoy sitting in […]

In June 1981, I accompanied Filis Frederick to Australia. Filis was the invited guest at the Avatar’s Abode Anniversary of Meher Baba’s visit in 1958 and I came along as her companion. We stayed at Bill Le Page’s house on the Abode. I had met Francis Brabazon in India at the Great Darshan in 1969 […]

September 20, 2014 I was sitting side-by-side on a bench with Darwin Shaw at the Meher Baba Centre in Myrtle Beach, mostly just in silent communion, sometime in the 1980s or early 1990s. Out of the blue, Darwin remarked to me “I feel that Francis had been Socrates”. We went on to chat about Francis’s […]

SOME CASUAL QUOTES OF FRANCIS If I was a musical composer I would study melody and try and find out how to write a good song with just 3 notes. # The Perfect Master doesn’t have to do anything…. everything was done in the beginning. He has only to be. # The most important element […]

To spend some time up at Avatar’s Abode while Francis was there was to quickly become aware that Francis was very particular about the serving and making of his tea. Method was all; I don’t recall that he was at all fussy about having fancy brands or quality. The old adage ‘Take the pot to […]