Francis sang some of these songs to Meher Baba in the 1960s using a harmonium. Some of these songs are now sung around the world. THIS BOOK: is the same collection of songs that was published in 1982 by Filis Frederick. It is Volume 20, Number One of the Awakener Magazine and is complete with […]

We have slept so long Through Time’s huge ebbs and flows; It is time to wake— The night draws to its close.   We have slept and dreamed A thousand Shadow-shows; It is time to Wake — The first faint dawn-light glows.   We have dreamed and schemed And gone the roads we chose; It […]

Family Letters 76 25th January 1968 At Meherazad Baba’s bard, Francis, sings to Him the songs he makes for Him – songs in which the words tell of the lover’s delight in the Beloved and of the difficulties the lover experiences, in which the melodies so fit the words that the flavour of the words […]

(Author: Raine Eastman-Gannett) Meher Baba the pulse of whose poetry is the expanding universe and the melodies of it are the yearnings of all hearts.  F.B. These days Francis Brabazon would be called, more than likely, an ethnomusicologist or have a degree in singing and musicianship or theory and composition. This love of music and […]