Peter Rowan with Francis Brabazon, Poona 1st May 1965

Feb 20/65

Dear Peter
Altho’ beloved Baba is in seclusion He was pleased to have your Greetings read to Him.

He will permit you to see Him at 8a.m. on May 1st at the Poona Centre.

The best plan will be for you to arrive in Poona the day before, or 2 days before May 1st, and ring me (Poona 23158) about 6pm, and I will be allowed to come and see you at your hotel…My address will be ‘Guruprasad’, 24 Bund Garden Road, Poona 1…the address of the Poona Centre is: Avatar Meher Baba Poona Centre, 441/1-2 Somwar Peth, Poona 2. (in front of Shahu swimming pool*, behind K.E.M Hospital)

with love in Baba,

Francis Brabazon

*Note: there will not be any water in the swimming pool. Probably there never was


Feb. 21/65

Dear Peter

I forgot to mention in my letter yesterday that Baba says you may go to Shirdi if you wish, and also to Babajan’s tomb in Poona when there. But He does not wish you to go to Sakori, the seat of Upasni Maharaj, or to visit the ashrams of ‘saints’.


(Author: Peter Rowan)