Francis wrote from ‘Guruprasad’ 24/5/60 in a general letter to Baba lovers in Australia:

‘… The other day Baba called me in privately to give me a point on a particular piece of work I am doing. His requirement was simple, yet it seemed impossible to execute.

Just previously He had reprimanded me over something, a piece of bad conduct. Now He was putting upon me a piece of work which seemed impossible to do.

This extraordinary ‘confidence’ in me coming on top of my misery because of His rebuke was too much for me and I started weeping.

Then He asks me what is the matter! And I start mumbling that everything is too much for me. Then He says, “Don’t get discouraged, you are really doing well and I am quite satisfied with you – I only said what I did earlier so that your heart will be more comfortable.”

Then He gives me a kiss and I go out from Him bursting with gratitude and happiness.’

(Author: Peter Rowan)