Francis Brabazon (right) with Ursula Reinhart

This cabin, still basically unchanged since Francis Brabazon’s day, is available to stay in for visitors to Avatar’s Abode.

Set on a small wooded knoll near the entrance to the property it retains its quiet and secluded bushland setting. On the veranda the plank supported by kerosene drums where Francis used to enjoy sitting in the morning sunshine is still in place.

The small wooden cabin was erected for Francis in 1979 by local builder Owen Jensen. Up until then Francis had lived in a small room attached to the Baba House. The cabin provided a comfortable place for the last few years of Francis’ life and accommodation for people to stay with him when he became sick and needed help. After Francis died it was lived in by Marjorie Donaldson and then by Reg Paffle.

A selection of Baba books including a good few by Francis is available for reading in the cabin.

[PHOTO: Francis Brabazon (right) on the verandah of his cabin with Ursula Reinhart, 1981]

(Author: Felix Schmid)