One of the major collections of Francis’ poetry. Five long poems each an experiment in form. Forming a progression from the Godless world to the vision of the world cleansed and redeemed by the God-Man. Francis wanted these poems to be judged as literature, not as devotional pieces written to a select audience. He wished […]

After The Flood Introduction A cleansed and renewed earth, just as there was after the flood of Noah. There has been the passing through not only of external catastrophe but also of inner ordeal ‘our desolation’. Reading Hints A supple, graceful and natural verse reflecting calm speech rhythms takes the place of the rhyming and […]

Dear Christ upon this Christmas morn Let all men weep that you were born Upon this earth that’s thought so fair That’s but the Cross which you must bear. The beauty of the bubbling rose, The lovely diamonds of the dew, Proclaim naught but the pain you chose That we might one day live as […]

During the years I lived alongside Avatar’s Abode, mid 70’s onwards, I had occasion among my activities relating to production of plays, theatrical events etc. etc, to read many of Francis’ poems to an audience, quite often at his request; here is one poem he wrote for me to recite and which to my knowledge […]

Francis wrote from ‘Guruprasad’ 24/5/60 in a general letter to Baba lovers in Australia: ‘I think the highest praise that Baba gave Stay With God was “It will appeal to the highest intellects & to those with simple hearts.” For my part I can assure you that in the writing of its best passages, my […]