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When Francis Brabazon had finished “The Word At Worlds End” in 1963 at Meherazad, Rano was asked to type it up. Just before Rano had finished typing Francis’ book ‘Four and Twenty Blackbirds’ … which she loved. But while typing “The Dreams of Wet Pavements” the opening poem in Francis’ book ‘The Word At Worlds […]

I was born in England [in 1907], but when I was five years old, my father decided that The City of Dreadful Night (London) was not a fit place to bring up a family, and he migrated to Australia, settling first in Sydney, then in Melbourne and finally on a small farm in Northeast Victoria, […]

Francis sang some of these songs to Meher Baba in the 1960s using a harmonium. Some of these songs are now sung around the world. THIS BOOK: is the same collection of songs that was published in 1982 by Filis Frederick. It is Volume 20, Number One of the Awakener Magazine and is complete with […]