Francis Brabazon was never one much for what people thought and theorized on. Things like their dreams was to him problematical and not particularly of interest, in most cases he would generally cut short these forms of conversations, i.e. astrology and the like was anathema to him also, I’ve seen him often get up and walk away.

Implying why aren’t you discussing Meher Baba instead of such trivia.

In January 1970 I had a most vivid and lucid dream in which my Beloved Avatar Meher Baba not only spoke to me very candidly but was quite humorously allowing me intense latitude in His company. Following on in the narrative of the dream I was inside an Indian old fashioned bungalow speaking with Mandali and I then found Francis embracing me avidly and with me returning the embrace in kind, the words ‘Nothing ever changes, does it?’ rang out between us.

I wrote to Francis soon after telling him of the dream and our association in it.

His reply was most telling. I will quote verbatim from his return letter the cogent lines.

‘How fortunate you were to have met beloved Baba again recently — albeit in dream. It is such good dreams that helps eventually to bring us out of our dreaming and get us established in Reality’.

(Author: Peter Rowan)