Poem 70

“Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof”. (Mt 6:34)

Once again he is using wonderful verses from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount for his own poetry. Not as simple advice not to worry, but as contentment springing from the miraculous realization of who we really are.

We begin with some scorn for petitionary prayer, calculated imploring, real prayer is as free and natural as the breeze.

In verse two ‘day’ is here the time of our outer activities, while ‘night’ is the time for our inner turning to Him. It is only in the latter that we begin to escape error and illusion.

Our song is no more, Beloved, than the sighing of a breeze in your praise;
We do not implore great boons or small benefits to fatten our days.

Sufficient for the day are all those errors and shortcomings which to the day belong;
Sufficient for the night is when you, Beloved, are entertained by our simple song.

Our prayer is a response to His song, not just song in the sense of music but the song of the supreme truth from the Beyond.

You have come all the way from your Beyond-state to call your inspiring Call:
“The lover exists only in the Beloved, the Beloved is All-in-all.”

It is as he goes on to say in the next verse the ‘singing Word’. In each one it is unique and yet the same.

Each one’s song is sufficient in itself – whether or not by others it is heard.
All songs are but reflections of one Song, Beloved, that is your singing Word.

In us the Song is a matter of longing as well as Truth, as we strive to set the Beloved free in our inner heart. Shattering the heart mirror is breaking all dualism in our inmost knowledge.

Every heart reflects the divine Beloved; the lover is he
Who would shatter his heart-mirror and set the Beloved free.

This persistent dualism is reflected in our own imperfections and hypocrisy. Oh the irony of our blindness!

Each cell of our blood sings your Song – the pity is, each is double-tongued and two-faced!
Each soul is a ray of your Sun; it is by, and before, himself that each is disgraced.

The poem here ends triumphantly for the Beloved never gives up on ringing out the truth for us.

Millions of times, Beloved, You have come to us and sang your Original Song;
“The Beloved is All-in-all: to Him alone does the Earth, and you, belong.”