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The Silent Word    Published in Australia in 1978, it is an account of the life of Meher Baba up to the beginning of 1929. It starts of in a lofty style and you can hear Francis declaiming his poetry but after a few pages it settles down to no nonsense clear expository prose. The […]

This play was performed in front of Meher Baba in 1956 in Beacon Hill. Francis played the role of the seeker, fittingly enough since the play was about his own seeking. Baba showed delight and made the comment ‘I am pleased with the play. It is hard to understand. I have written it and played […]

Three Talks on Meher Baba was published as a pamphlet 1969, 1971. Three speeches of eloquent homage to Meher Baba. The first given at the Great Darshan in 1969: more or less how to cope with your Master when you realize He is God. Contains the rather startling report that Baba asked Francis to read […]