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In 1941 Francis Brabazon wrote to his Sufi preceptor Baron von Frankenberg, ‘I have completed a painting from meditation and have shown it to the ones (in the Sufi group) who are interested in Art. I was very pleased because Os (Oswald Hall) was impressed. You see all along I have been saying to them […]

An Exhibition for Francis Brabazon Centennial at Avatar’s Abode, October 2007 This exhibition was curated by Australian painter John Parry specifically for the Francis Brabazon Centennial Celebrations at the Spring Sahavas at Avatar’s Abode during October 2007 Spring. The paintings were exhibited in Beloved Meher Baba’s House in the space facing His room at Avatar’s […]

[The material below is largely adapted from the information in Francis Brabazon – Poet of the Silent Word by Ross Keating and The Water Carrier by Robert Rouse and gleanings from chats with John Parry (J.P.) on Francis & painting – Geoff Gunther] Francis moved to Melbourne at the age of 21. His basic propensity […]