Journey With God – A booklet published in 1954 after Francis’ first trip to India. As with all his work it is written not primarily for devotees but to announce a spiritual reality to the wider world.

The Introduction tells of true discipleship, the impulse behind the book.

The Poem

As is evidenced in the last three poems of 7 Stars to Morning Francis’ ‘true creativity’ began after meeting Meher Baba in Myrtle Beach. Here it is, as it were, on display, memorializing Meher Baba’s Andhra Tour of 1954 where Francis was the only Westerner present.

Right from the start an accomplished recounting of sense impressions brings the narrative to life. As in Whitman’s “Passage to India” India is both the exotic other and a true returning home. The poem becomes a hymn of wonder and praise. The poet’s joy is infectious; we share in the dynamic energy of Baba’s progress through Andhra Pradesh. There is a vivid contrast made between God-saturated India and arid Australia.

The poem is followed by a Note on the God-Man which is an eloquent prose statement on the Divine Alchemy of the God Man, which from now on in his writing Francis saw as basic to the hope of humanity for self-truth. His honesty is notable:

Whether Meher Baba is the totality of Godhood or not, I have personally no way of   knowing – I can only measure to my own degree. But to that degree, he is the embodiment of that ideal which I call God. (17)

The second half of the booklet is messages by Meher Baba from 1953 and 1954, which Baba sent to Francis for inclusion in the work. They include the message “Highest of the High”.


[Author: Geoff Gunther]