Nowadays men are concerned with structures of bones,
The bones of machines and buildings—never with thrones.

Yet a man’s heart is meant to be the throne of his King.
And his senses five classes of angels ever choiring.

Upward and outward into black silence our spirits thrust;
But God’s footprints are only upon the Earth in singing dust.

We would go far, at huge expense, for that which is so near.
Is it because we are driven by some terrible fear?

What is our vast sin that we sweat blood in preparation
For escape into a new Eden of separation?

In that garden, also, there will be one fruit forbidden;
Without love the secret of life will ever remain hidden.

There we will still be hiding from God because of the fear.
And all the time God is breathing in our breath—God is so near.


Structured around two journeys: one is the outer one aiming to conquer space and distance; the other the return to the centre, in the case of the human psyche the uncovering of the treasure within the heart. Only when the heart is emptied of all else, and becomes dust, is the real discovered. Science has lost its sacred character and become expansionist seeking to conquer new worlds.

Science is motivated by the anxiety of overcoming our own finitude, our ‘terrible fear’. Or is it guilt that makes us seek a new Eden rather than returning to the source. We will not capture the Tree of Life by that futile flight.

As Adam and Eve hid from God out of shame we too are defending ourselves from His presence. God is closer to us then our own breath, He is actually breathing that breath.

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