It turns out that in one thing anyway the Bible is right;
The stars and the sun were created to give the earth light.

In straightforward terms: Earth was first in the Creator’s mind
As evolution’s goal, and springboard back to God for mankind.

Earth, a mere dust-speck, is the Center of the universe—
The only place where Beloved and lover may converse.

The other livable planets are for eggheads, some of whom get here.
At the present moment a lot have managed the trip—so it would appear!

Though they have no love, many super intelligent are drawn
To birth on our planet Earth whenever God-Man is born,

To experience the washing in his mercy’s rain
And receive from him the heart that replaces the brain.

Only to Earth does God-Man come, for on Earth alone he created thirst
To be slaked with love’s wine: the outward journey terminated and reversed.


A rather provocative opening here. Francis is confronting a Western world where vast numbers take the bible as an exclusive and inerrant revelation.

But not only that. His claim that earth is central to the purpose of the entire creation is regarded by most secular scientists as a vestige of an outmoded geocentric viewpoint.

Francis follows Baba in seeing human consciousness as the purpose and culmination of the whole cosmic creation and evolution. So the stars and the sun were created to give the earth light. According to Meher Baba it is the only place where an enlightening balance of head and heart is possible and the only place where God incarnates.

It would seem that there is a bit of a plague of what the poet disparagingly calls ‘eggheads’ as the head heavy from other planets come here to benefit from the effulgence of mercy accompanying the advent.

Surely it is a bit much to say that here the heart replaces the brain?

But it is through the heart’s hunger that we come to taste God’s wine.

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