Whenever our Master speaks to us millions of flags are unfurled
In hearts and on hills and mountains all over the world.

This is not surprising since he is the sun of creation
And the moon whose bright face inspires the seas’ tidal elation.

The really strange thing is that when people’s hearts start to open
They don’t know it’s because their Beloved has spoken.

From his heart-homes scientists and priests have driven God out;
How can they know that an unfolding rose is love’s shout?

We, misled by them, have forgotten that droughts, famines and floods
Occur because we have not spoken with love nor obeyed God’s words.

So beloved God-Man will speak his great Primal Word again—
The fire of a sword in our throats, on our spirits a healing rain.

Meanwhile his mere conversation unfurls flags everywhere,
Which set old men dreaming and fill young lovers with despair.


Meher Baba declared that he had by His advent given a push to the whole of creation and that the coming of the Avatar is like the spring-tide of creation. These invisible influences sustain this poem. A holistic word-view is also present, that all things good and bad are connected in causal patterns.

Modern culture has robbed us of the ability to think in terms of symbols, analogies and intuitions.

Francis expected a great utterance of the primal word, AUM, to have an overwhelming impact on the globe.

The last line suggests Joel 2:26 and Acts 2:17 ‘your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions’. Here it seems implied that the young haven’t really learnt as yet to cope with love.

It would appear that the ignorance of the reason for the flags’ unfurling is still prevalent in almost everyone. Their emotional centres which should be open to love have been usurped by science and facts without heart resonance. They don’t know that His new Word is light. 

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