On Avatar’s Abode property we have a most unusual occurrence in the eyes of the world.

A person is buried on what may be termed a private property. Francis Brabazon bought this property for Avatar Meher Baba and so therefore it was fitting that he should be buried there.

Once the various authorities gave their approval and told us, we the trustees of Avatar’s Abode, where the grave could or couldn’t be placed, we chose the site you find now.

Sometime later we were discussing what sort of headstone and inscription could be placed at the head of his grave to honour his memory.

As Francis had told us that he didn’t wish to be remembered as a ‘mystic’ or some such thing but said “I only want to be remembered as Baba’s poet” the guideline had been set for his epithet.

One day I had been sitting in my Beloved’s beautiful room at Avatar’s Abode, perhaps for an hour or so, and was compelled to get up and look out the louver windows in Baba’s house. At the time there was a somewhat tangle of trees bush and weeds down on the slope below the building but my eye caught sight of a rock just visible through the tangle. I was once again compelled to go down and have a closer look and lo and behold the most perfect headstone for Francis’ grave was provided for us.

(Author: Peter Rowan)