In Dust I Sing

The eternal Beloved, Avatar Meher Baba, over the years I was with him at Meherazad gave me the shape and content of these poems. The form is based on the Persian ghazal, perfected by Hafiz 600 years ago and carried down in the Urdu language to the present day. The content is the relationship between […]

In the end all words turn out to be acts of violence Which are weighed, and forgiven, in beloved God’s silence. Ghazal 125 This concluding couplet from one of the 150 poems which make up In Dust I Sing gives a glimpse of the radical scope of the collection. Not content with the presentation of […]

Arguing about which is the best of this or that of Francis Brabazon is not in my best interest so I will say that my favourite ghazal by far is no.76 in In Dust I Sing. Sometime in the early 90’s one evening after reciting a ghazal of Francis’ at Meherabad after arti a poignant […]