Francis Memories

I only saw Francis now and then. As an artist, I often turned to the subject of what art should be. I said “it would be good in my paintings if I could see God in everything”. He looked at me and said “that’s a bit like X, Y, Zee (using the American pronunciation of […]

Family Letters 76 25th January 1968 At Meherazad Baba’s bard, Francis, sings to Him the songs he makes for Him – songs in which the words tell of the lover’s delight in the Beloved and of the difficulties the lover experiences, in which the melodies so fit the words that the flavour of the words […]

I first met Francis Brabazon in India in 1980 on a Meherazad visit. When I heard he was there, I felt great excitement and anticipation – like I would have felt going for dinner and drinks with Jack Kerouac when I was a hippie! … or to Elvis’ home for go-cart racing when I was […]