Francis Brabazon Library at Avatar's Abode is housed in the Reception Centre

September 20, 2014 I was sitting side-by-side on a bench with Darwin Shaw at the Meher Baba Centre in Myrtle Beach, mostly just in silent communion, sometime in the 1980s or early 1990s. Out of the blue, Darwin remarked to me “I feel that Francis had been Socrates”. We went on to chat about Francis’s […]

SOME CASUAL QUOTES OF FRANCIS If I was a musical composer I would study melody and try and find out how to write a good song with just 3 notes. # The Perfect Master doesn’t have to do anything…. everything was done in the beginning. He has only to be. # The most important element […]

To spend some time up at Avatar’s Abode while Francis was there was to quickly become aware that Francis was very particular about the serving and making of his tea. Method was all; I don’t recall that he was at all fussy about having fancy brands or quality. The old adage ‘Take the pot to […]

I only saw Francis now and then. As an artist, I often turned to the subject of what art should be. I said “it would be good in my paintings if I could see God in everything”. He looked at me and said “that’s a bit like X, Y, Zee (using the American pronunciation of […]

Family Letters 76 25th January 1968 At Meherazad Baba’s bard, Francis, sings to Him the songs he makes for Him – songs in which the words tell of the lover’s delight in the Beloved and of the difficulties the lover experiences, in which the melodies so fit the words that the flavour of the words […]

(Author: Raine Eastman-Gannett) Meher Baba the pulse of whose poetry is the expanding universe and the melodies of it are the yearnings of all hearts.  F.B. These days Francis Brabazon would be called, more than likely, an ethnomusicologist or have a degree in singing and musicianship or theory and composition. This love of music and […]

“His face was before us That was all we needed Then He hid himself from us Now His message blows on every wind. His beauty entranced us That was all we needed Then He veiled Himself from us Now His Word is blowing everywhere. His love clothed and fed us That was all we needed […]

I first met Francis Brabazon in India in 1980 on a Meherazad visit. When I heard he was there, I felt great excitement and anticipation – like I would have felt going for dinner and drinks with Jack Kerouac when I was a hippie! … or to Elvis’ home for go-cart racing when I was […]